Customer Reviews

Dolores R.
I have a good friend who is gluten free. I gave her some of your pizza’s for her to sample as she is more of an expert than we are. She loved your pizzas. Her husband did as well. Said they were some of the best gluten free pizza that they have had, very impressed! She is wanting to know where she can get some more, you have a new customer for sure! You guys have a great product here.
Chef Anthony I was hungry so I ran to the store to grab a pizza to put in the oven yours look good on the box so I brought it home baked it and realized that your award winning chicken gluten free Rustica Pizza is truly the best pizza I ever had, as the song said Anthony you’re truly the best better than all the rest.

M. Eastman

Hello Chef Russo & Team!

My name is Abby Hoelzeman and I am sending you this message because I am a lover of pizza and I am fascinated with your products!
I am recently gluten free and have not been able to find any good quality pizza in my area, Fayetteville, Arkansas. I am very interested how I could get more information on your product in addition to bringing to my area! Thank you and have a delightful day!

Abby H.

Pizza Praise!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I’ve been looking for good GF pizza for years. This weekend I stumbled on yours. It was several slices of heaven. Thank you!

Janet R.

Gluten free pizza

Your chicken rustics pizza was great! Thank you for making a crispy crust, use only olive oil and no soy product of any kind. The cheese was tasty and the chicken had a fresh, not frozen flavor! You wouldn’t believe how difficult it is to find a delicious frozen pizza.

Betty M.

The pizza here is amazing and the hospitality was the southern finest!!!!

Britney N.

Best pizza ever & everyday. The customer service is amazing. I wouldn’t go anywhere else for pizza.

Hayley Ya.

One of the best in Houston!

Juan C.

You for Your Pizzas

We are so very thankful to have found your gluten free pizza’s in the frozen food section at the grocery store! My six year old son has always LOVED pizza, in fact it is his Friday Night go to dinner!

Last year, he was diagnosed with a disease similar to Celiac. He was a healthy, vibrant five year old one day and the next he was six and losing his hair at such a rapid speed that it fell out completely within the month. After months and months of testing and research on him, he began an intensive treatment of topical acid treatments and we opted for a gluten free diet.

His hair is returning and he is healthy again! We are SO very thankful for your company providing such a quality frozen pizza that we can feel good about feeding him!

Thank you again for the dedication you have to the quality and taste of your food!

The Kowis’ Family

This was the best pizza in town. I love the XL pizza. So surprised when i first saw it. And the food is wonderful. Keep up the excellence.

Sydney T.